Consecration Of A Child to the Virgin Mary

Holy Mary, Mother of God
Of the Church and all the faithful,
I place my child under your motherly protection.
To you I completely consecrate my child, body and soul.
Take [Name] under your care and keep him/her always.
Protect [Name] in his/her infancy and keep him/her sound in body and mind.
Guard his/her youth and keep his/her heart pure,
his/her thoughts continously holy
and directed towards God and the things of God.
Always protect [Name] throughout his/her life,
in his/her joys and sorrows,
in his/her successes and failures,
in his/her dealings with others.
Always and in all things be a true Mother to him/her, Mary,
and preserve him/her.
I commend [Name] entirely to you.
Remember Mother Mary,
that through this Act of Consecration
it becomes in a special way your child as well as mine;
guard [Name] and keep him/her as your very own.


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