Glorious St. Anthony,
my friend and special protector,
I come to you with full confidence in my present necessity.
In your overflowing generosity
you hear all those who turn to you.
Your influence before the throne of God is so effective
that the Lord readily grants great favours at your request.
Please listen to my humble petition
in spite of my unworthiness and sinfulness.
Consider only your great and constant love for Jesus and Mary,
and my desire for their glory and mercy.
I beg you to obtain for me, from God,
the grace I so greatly need…

(State your intention(s) here…)

if it be His Will and for the good of my soul.
I place this earnest petition
in the care of the little mission children,
so that they may present it to you
along with their innocent prayers.
Bless me, powerful St. Anthony,
in the Name of the Father,
and of the Son,
and of the Holy Spirit.


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