PRAYER FOR TRUE FAITH (By St. Clement Mary Hofbauer)

Oh my Redeemer,
will that terrible moment ever come
when but few Christians shall be left
who are inspired by the spirit of faith,
that moment when Thy indignation shall be provoked,
and Thy protection taken from us?

O Jesus, author and finisher of our faith,
permit not the fair light of faith to be extinguished in us.
Turn Thine eyes in compassion upon the vineyard
planted by Thine own right hand,
and watered by the sweat of the Apostles,
by the precious blood of countless Martyrs,
and made fruitful by the prayers of so many confessors.

O Divine Mediator,
look upon those zealous souls
who raise their hearts to Thee
and pray without ceasing
for the maintenance of that most precious gift of Thine:
The True Faith.

Oh, keep us safe in the true Catholic and Roman faith!
Let sickness, vexations, and misfortunes overwhelm us,
but preserve in us Thy holy faith;
for, if we are rich with this precious gift,
nothing shall ever be able to alter our happiness.
Otherwise, without this great treasure of the faith,
our unhappiness would be unspeakable and limitless.

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O good Jesus, Author of our Faith,
preserve it pure within us;
keep us safe in the Barque of Peter,
faithful and obedient to his successor,
Thy Vicar here on earth.
Humble and convert the enemies of Thy Church;
strengthen and preserve us in Thy holy service
so that we may live and die in Thee!


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