Dear Little St. Theresa,
by love and suffering while on earth
you won the power with God
you now enjoy in heaven.
Since your life there began
you have showered down countless blessings
on this poor world.
You have been the instrument made use of
by your Divine Spouse to work countless miracles.
I beg of you to remember all my wants.
Sufferings must come to me also,
may I use them to love God more
and follow my Jesus better.
You are especially the little missionary of love.
Make me love Jesus more
and all others for His sake.
With all my heart
I thank the most Holy Trinity
for the wonderful blessings
conferred on you and upon the world through you.
Intercede for us all the days of our lives
and obtain for us from God
the graces and favours
we ask through your intercession.


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