O Lord, You are my Lord and my God,
yet I have never seen You.
You have created and redeemed me,
and have conferred on me all my goods,
yet I know You not.
I was created in order that I might know You,
but I have not yet attained the goal of my creation.
I confess, O Lord, and give You thanks,
that You have created me in Your image,
so that I might be mindful of You
and contemplate You and love You.
I seek not to understand in order that I may believe;
rather, I believe in order that I may understand.
I am desperate for Your love,
Lord. My heart is aflame with fervent passion.
When I remember the good things You have done,
my heart burns with desire to embrace You.
I thirst for You;
I hunger for You;
I long for You;
I sigh for You.
I am jealous of Your love.
The joy of my heart turns to dust.
My happy laughter is reduced to ashes.
I want You.
I hope for You.
My soul is like a widow,
bereft of You.
Turn to me,
and see my tears.
Come now, Lord, and I will be comforted.
Show me Your face,
and I shall be saved.
Enter my room, and I shall be satisfied.
Reveal Your beauty,
and my joy will be complete.

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