Say one “Our Father…”

Say one “Hail Mary…”

0 Jesus! Beloved and most desirable King,
remember the grief Thou didst suffer,
when naked and like a common criminal,
Thou was fastened and raised on the Cross,
when all Thy relatives and friends abandoned Thee,
except Thy Beloved Mother,
who remained close to Thee during Thy agony
and whom Thou didst entrust to Thy farthful disciple
when Thou saidst to Mary:
“Woman, behold thy son!” and4 to St. John: “Son, behold thy Mother!”

I beg of Thee 0 my Saviour,
by the sword of sorrow
which pierced the soul of Thy holy Mother,
to have compassion on me in all my affliction and tribulations,
both corporal and spiritual,
and to assist me in all my trials,
and especially at the hour of my death.


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