PRAYER OF SAINT CYPRIAN OF CARTHAGE For Prisoners & Correction Officers.

Most gracious Father,
bless with your special care
all penitentiaries and homes of refuge.
Look with pity on those who are housed there.
Guide and protect those who have returned to the world.
Grant all of them true contrition for past sins,
and strengthen them in their good resolutions.
Lead them along from grace to grace
so that by the help of the Holy Spirit
they may persevere in the ways of obedience and humility,
and in the struggle against evil thoughts and desires.
Grant the Holy Spirit
to those engaged in teaching and training them,
that they might have a right judgment
with respect to those entrusted to them.
May they labour for love of your with deep humility
and singleness of purpose,
purity of heart and life,
and true zeal for your glory
and the salvation of souls.
Give them faith and love
to sustain them in disappointment,
love and patience toward those under them,
and in your own good time
crown their work with an eternal recompense.


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