Dear Saint Anthony,
today I greet you as the special guardian
of those who must travel or go on a trip.
I appreciate your continued interest in my welfare and your unfailing help.
I am sure you will keep on aiding me.

You were constantly on the move from one country to another
– Sicily, Frnace, Spain – and in many other cities of Italy.
So you know the perils of being on the road.
You have seen the troubles along the way.

In the journeys my family and I make,
please guide and guard us.
Let us move with caution even while we rely on your assistance.

Our Lord, Jesus Christ, told us, “I am the way.”
Pray to Him for us to keep us always on the right path.


V. Pray for us, Saint Anthony,
R. That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.

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