O Blessed St. Joseph,
who did accompany Jesus and Mary in all their journeys,
and who has therefore merited to be called the patron of all travelers,
accompany us in this journey
that we are about to undertake.
Be our guide and our protector;
watch over us;
preserve us from all accidents and dangers to soul and body;
support us in our fatigue,
and aid us to sanctify it by offering it to God.
Make us ever mindful that we are strangers,
sojourners here below;
that heaven is our true home;
and help us to persevere on the straight road that leads there.
We beseech thee especially to protect and aid us
in the last great voyage from time to eternity, so that,
under thy guidance we may reach the realm of happiness and glory,
there to repose eternally with thee in the company of Jesus and Mary.


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