Glorious St. Michael,
Prince of the heavenly hosts,
who standest always ready to give assistance
to the people of God;
who didst fight with the dragon,
the old serpent,
and didst cast him out of heaven,
and now valiantly defendest the Church of God
that the gates of hell may never prevail against her,
I earnestly entreat thee to assist me also,
in the painful and dangerous conflict
which I have to sustain against the same formidible foe.
Be with me, O mighty Prince!
that I may courageously fight
and wholly vanquish that proud spirit,
whom thou hast by the Divine Power,
so gloriously overthrown,
and whom our powerful King,
Jesus Christ, has,
in our nature,
so completely overcome;
to the end that having triumphed
over the enemy of my salvation,
I may with thee and the holy angels,
praise the clemency of God who,
having refused mercy
to the rebellious angels after their fall,
has granted repentance
and forgiveness to fallen man.


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