Saint Thomas Aquinas,
you are called by Holy Mother Church,
the Angel of the Schools.
Your wisdom, gathered through long meditation
from the source of all wisdom,
the most holy Trinity,
has long been a shining light in the Catholic Church.
Ignorance of the things of God
is a darkness now enveloping the minds
of many of our countrymen.
In this darkness,
we need an angel like you who will protect,
foster, and nourish the schools we have,
and guide and strengthen us
in establishing and building
newer and more adequate schools
for the instruction of our children in the ways of Christ.
Help and bless the generous sisters, brothers,
and priests who labour so unselfishly in the classroom
to spread the knowledge of Christ.
Inspire our Catholic men and women
to be most generous in the support of the schools we have.
Grant to parents the wise generosity they need
to give their child back to God
when that child wishes to follow a priestly or religious vocation.
Help us, Saint Thomas, Angel of the Schools,
to understand what you taught,
and to follow your example.


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