Dear Saints Isaac Jogues, John Brebeuf,
Noel Chabanel, Gabriel Lalemant,
Anthony Daniel, Charles Garnier,
Rene Goupil and John Lalande,
we beg of you,
pray for the people of this vast country of ours.

You are the first canonized saints of the United States and Canada.
We are glad to have you.
We are happy to honor you.
You know our country and its needs,
and we know you are in heaven praying for us.

There is one very special favor we wish to ask of you.
Dear Saints of North America,
pray God to send us another saint,
or better still,
a number of them.
Ask Him to have soon, a man or a woman,
a boy or a girl from this country of ours
raised to the honors of the altar.
Let it be a farmer or a laborer,
a housewife or a schoolboy,
born and bred in these United States.
Let it be some one who lived his whole life here,
a Saint Joseph of Carville County,
or a Saint Mary of Middletown,
or a Saint William of New York.

We do not wish to displace you in our affections,
but to add to your glorious number.
You understand our desires in this,
and we feel sure that we will obtain this great blessing
for the salvation of the people of this land.
Remember us now,
and obtain this great blessing for us from God.
Help us always to cooperate with the graces that God
so richly and generously gives us,
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

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