Salve, O Vergine

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Hail, O Virgin most pure,
most powerful Queen whom the human family invokes
by the sweet name of Mother!
We who cannot invoke an earthly mother
either because we never knew her
or were very soon deprived
of such a sweet and necessary support,
we turn to you,
certain that you shall be a mother to us
in a special manner.

If, indeed, because of our condition,
we arouse in every one feelings of pity,
compassion and love,
we shall awaken such feelings of pity,
compassion and love,
we shall awaken such feelings
to a much higher degree in you,
the most loving,
most tender and most merciful of all pure creatures.

O true Mother of all orphans,
we take refuge in your Immaculate Heart,
certain of receiving therein
all the comfort for which our bereft hearts are yearning.

We place all our trust in you
so that your maternal hand may guide and support us
along the steep paths of this life.

Bless all those who assist or protect us in your name;
reward our benefactors and the chosen souls
that devote their lives to us.
Above all, be ever to us a Mother,
modeling our hearts,
enlightening our minds,
strengthening our wills,
adorning our souls with every virtue,
and keeping away from us the enemies of our God
Who would wish to ruin us forever!

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Finally, dearest Mother,
our delight and our hope,
lead us to Jesus,
the blessed fruit of your womb,
so that if we have not enjoyed
the sweetness of a mother here below,
we may hereafter,
in everlasting life,
enjoy your motherly love and your presence,
together with that of your Divine Son
who lives and reigns with the Father
and the Holy Spirit
forever and ever.


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