Consecration To Saint Joseph # 2

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O Blessed Joseph,
foster father of my Savior
and chaste spouse of the mother of God,
this day I irrevocably adopt thee
for my intercessor with the Almighty as well as my model,
my protector and my father in this valley of exile.
O St. Joseph,
whom the Lord constituted guardian of His Family,
I beseech thee to extender thy tender solicitude over all my interests.
Kindle in my heart a vehement love for Jesus
and enable me to serve Him with all thy devotedness and fidelity.
Aid my inability to venerate Mary as my advocate,
to honor her as my Queen and to love her as my Mother.
Be my never-failing guide in the way of virtue and piety,
and grant that, after having faithfully followed thee in the path of justice,
I may receive thy powerful protection at the hour of my death.


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